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Job name

Finance manager

Job Details:

The role and responsibilities of the Finance Director

Job Summary:

We are looking for a capable financial manager to perform tasks related to financial analysis and provide advice and guidance to senior management regarding their future financial plans.

In this role, you will employ your expertise in financial analysis and strategic planning through daily and accurate financial  analysis, providing valuable insights and recommendations to senior management. . You will also contribute with company leaders in making informed decisions that align with the organization’s long-term goals. In addition, you will play an important role in developing and implementing financial plans that support the company’s growth and profitability, and a major part of your responsibility will be related to monitoring financial performance and identifying areas that can be improved and benefited from.


1- Providing financial reports and analyzing data Related to financial matters.

2- Maintaining the financial stability of the organization .

3- Analysis of costs, pricing and sales outcomes The company’s performance is consistent with the company’s business plan.

4- Suggest opportunities to reduce financial costs After studying it.

5- Supervising the level of department performance Finance, setting goals, and designing a framework to achieve these goals.

6- Managing the company’s budget.< /span>

7- Correspondence with various other departments, Discussing the company’s plans and agreeing on the future paths to be taken.

8- Create a methodology for smooth workflow And cooperation between departments related to accounting and finance.

9- Evaluate the pricing of our services based on Operating costs and cost of sales.

Requirements and skills:

1- Experience as a financial manager (for a period At least 3 years).

2- Experience in the financial sector with Experience with the previously mentioned job title “Financial Analyst” or its equivalent.

3- A broad understanding of financial trends within The company and the financial markets in general.

4- Skills for dealing with others and skills Effective communication and presentation skills.

5- The ability to manage, direct and lead Accounting team.

6- Strong understanding of statistics and accounting principles .

7- Practical knowledge of all rules and regulations Legal.

8- Bachelor’s degree in finance or Accounting or economics.

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