Property Management Software
Built for You to Scale

Whether you manage a commercial or residential facility, add, track, and evaluate maintenance and operating requests for every property anywhere at any time.

Discover our Suite of Features

Effortless Real Estate Property Management

Manageyour properties and optimize operational efficiency, starting with adding properties, units, and assets to assigning a user for each property.

Efficient User Management

Boost the productivity of your team and stay connected and informed with the latest updates and actions made by everyone involved.

Streamlined Operations Management

Focus on what matters and automate operational requests from scheduling to evaluating the service effortlessly.

Automated ِFinancial Management

You no longer have to worry about manual payment processing. Our platform automates payments allowing you to focus on what truly matters - growing your business.

Real-time Reports and Analytics

Get a holistic view of your property performance and make data-driven decisions that lead to increased revenue and optimized property management.

Live Communication

No need to overload your whatsapp with chats, communicate and collaborate internally with all users in one place.

Contract and supplier management

Easily obtain supplier information, communicate with them, and effectively track and monitor contracts and supplier-related information.

Munjz Market

Streamline your supplier management process by effortlessly finding and communicating with approved service providers, saving you time and effort.

List of Services

Easily set and adapt your services to align with your internal standards, giving you the flexibility to work with partners and contractors to efficiently carry out operational orders.

Customers and Users App

An application tailored to your needs and branding, making it easy and efficient for your team to manage operational processes.