Utility platform solutions

Utility Platform Solutions

Manage Your Facilities with
Ease and Professionalism

Responding to maintenance requests for your facility within 45 minutes

An electronic platform that allows owners of establishments and facilities, whether residential or commercial facilities, to manage recurring and non-recurring maintenance work in their facilities easily by requesting maintenance services through the platform and assigning an accomplished team the process of following up the completion of work.

Facilities management service facilitates facility owners to reduce urgent maintenance request by providing a complete set of features and preventive and proactive solutions that save time and effort to follow up maintenance on facility owners and be able to identify the facility’s operational performance and costs in an instant.

How To Use

Simple steps that enable you to raise an installation request via the platform!

Executing orders

Through the platform, the partner can raise requests, through very simple steps

Entering the requests page

  • Choose a new order

  • Select branch

  • Defining the product and service

  • set specific time

  • Create a request

Order Management

Through the requests page, you can follow all the requests of your customers and follow the order journey, and you can customize your follow-up according to

  • Request Cases

  • branches

  • sellers

  • the cities

  • Products

Reports page

Through the reporting platform, we enable our partners to monitor the sales of formulations through the following characteristics

  • Easy-to-read data images that can be saved and downloaded

  • Various statistics that reflect the performance of sellers and measure the required services by cities, products and branches

  • Periodic performance reports that the Enjaz team sends to the partner about sales of after-sales services


The e-wallet was developed to be a special portal that enables the partner to follow up on the costs of after-sales services with various advantages

  • Balance feature that enables the partner to charge the wallet for the advance payment of installation orders

  • The upper limit feature that enables the partner to adjust the exchange for the account

  • Notification of payment feature that allows the partner to complete notification of payment of the issued invoices


The billing page provides the partner with a portal to follow up on the bills of the requests and the monthly collected bills, and we guarantee the completion of

  • Issuing tax invoices in compliance with the laws of the Ministry of Commerce and the Income, Zakat and Customs Authority

  • Export invoices from the platform and keep them

  • Exporting consolidated invoices and defining a smooth payment mechanism to set the balance of expenses for the partner

Account Management

The branch management and team management feature enables the partner to manage the account and add data for facilities to facilitate the process of managing requests, according to the following features:

  • Add branches

  • Add sellers

  • Determining the powers of the team

  • Add products

Why subscribe to Utility
platform solutions

Multiple services covered by the facilities management program to facilitate the process of building management for our partners

Electricity Services

Electricity Services

Electricity Services

Electricity Services

Electricity Services

Electricity Services

Electricity Services

Electricity Services

Electricity Services

Electricity Services

We Work With You to Cover All of Your Facilities, Utilities Services Currently Cover

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