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Why subscribe

On the installation platform, we offer many technical solutions that facilitate after-sales services, such as product installation or product maintenance

Quoted Services

We price installation services according to the following criteria:

  • A specific and clear service description for the partner and end customer

  • The time and effort required to implement the service

  • The quality of the product to be installed

Technical Connectivity

n order to create a professional partnership with our partners, we have developed a technical team to connect the process of assigning applications technically and reduce human interference in the process of attributing applications through various solutions

  • Linking solutions with online stores

  • Website linking solutions

  • Linking solutions with order management, sales and billing platforms

Reducing operating costs

By assigning installation operations to an accomplished team, the fixed operating costs are reduced to establish a special installation team for your sites and branches and allows you to expand due to

  • Extensive geographical presence of accomplished technicians

  • Speed ​​up the installation process and reduce customer journey and order backlog

  • Responsible after-sales service guarantee with a competent and qualified partner

Increasing the efficiency of after-sales services

Collaborating with Moenjaz enables the partner to raise the efficiency of the quality of the after-sales services due to the advantages that Mojaz provides to partners and their clients.

  • Professional customer service around the clock to serve partner clients Installation guarantee 30 days from the date of installation

  • Quick response to the installation of products, up to installation on the same day

  • Professional technicians that you rate at least 3.8 in an accomplished application